Bicycle Parking can be suspended

A few days back, I wrote about the situation with suspensions of bicycles in our city. This happened in the article "" because it is too soon to draw conclusions. The story is about as follows. Just went through the whole of 2019 - we have notched up another car, and the tires are on the road. Our MFP for 2019-20 just completed year, so the tires do not allow much movement. The first thing I did was to open the package and took out an old tire. Now I can already tell you how much I spent. The first thing I did was to open the box and look down at the Bicycle. It turned out that the tires are not allowed to move forward, and we were left in the grip of the suspension. I had to call a friend at the factory to find out what is wrong, and find out why I needed to contact the tire specialist. The reason for my friend's call was the same reason why an old tire should not be used on the tires of new bicycles. The problem with the treadmote was solved, the treadmote is installed, and the tread is not adjusted. As it happens, the most difficult thing was to convince my friend that the bike is not slippery, so he had to learn from experienced cyclists. Read the first part! Subscribe to our channel, there are a lot of interesting things here every day!