7 most beautiful beaches in Saint Tropez

Guide to discover the best beaches of Saint Tropez, one of the pearls of the French Riviera, between crystal clear waters and fine golden sand, ideal for lovers of sunbathing and children’s games.

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Best Beaches in Saint Tropez and surroundings: what they are

The Saint Tropez beaches they are located outside the city center (with the exception of La Ponche and Bouillabaisse beaches) and are located along the coast of the Saint Tropez headland. They are characterized by a magnificent turquoise sea and fine golden or white sand. The best beaches in Saint Tropez feature bath facilities super equipped, but also free beacheswith a wide choice for all tastes.

The Saint Tropez beaches they are not overly extended, but suddenly open onto the rocky, jagged shore, often forming marvelous bays and inlets Dream. Behind them, the territory is residential and that means that the best beaches in Saint Tropez are surrounded by greenery, like an oasis of peace and tranquility.

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Saint Tropez beaches: where are they and how to get there

On a holiday in Saint Tropez it is necessary to take into account the displacement to reach the paradisiacal beaches that this city offers. They are located along the low headland, within a naturalist park that ensures that the beaches are immersed in an almost wild nature. Despite this, there are equipped beaches and bathing establishments that offer every comfort to make your stay at sea even more pleasant. The best beaches in Saint Tropez they can be reached by car, but it is necessary to park in small areas nearby and continue on foot along the way. The streets Chemin des Salins, Chemin de la Moutte, rue de Pinet and Chemin de l’Estagnet are the main car to the beaches. Alternatively, the coastal path of Saint Tropez is a pleasant pedestrian path that touches the main beaches of the headland.

After this brief introduction, let’s discover the best beaches in Saint Tropez not to be missed.

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Bouillabaisse beach

There Bouillabaisse beach it is the only beach close to the center of Saint Tropez. It is about 500 meters long and has bathing establishments and a free beach. From the tip of the Pinède, where there are also rocks that jut out into the sea, you can admire a magnificent view of the harbor and the Gulf of Saint Tropez.

At the tip of the Pinède, the beach is free, but there is a lifeguard service in the summer. The beach presents thin sand and golden, the sea ​​is crystal clear and with a shallow seabed, ideal for children, behind it there are bars, restaurants, nightclubs and two free parking lots.


Graniers beach

There Graniers beach is located under the hill of the Citadel of Saint Tropez. Small and intimate, despite its proximity to the center, its appearance is almost wild, immersed in the vegetation of the mediterranean shrub. The beach, which is only 80 meters long, is divided into a bathing area and a free beach with sand mixed with pebbles. It is surrounded by the rocky coast, within which it opens up to form an enchanting bay.

Graniers beach can be reached in car through the Chemin des Graniers and has a few parking spaces along the road. Being very busy in the summer, it is advisable to reach it on foot with the Coastal Path. There is a restaurant and Brigitte Bardot’s former villa.


Canoubiers beach

There Canoubiers beach it is located in the beautiful bay of Canebiers, which offers a long coastline immersed in the green of the pine forest that casts its shadow on the lido. This beach also has wild look and pristine and is very popular with locals for its 200 meter long beach and crystal clear waters. The beach is free, but supervised in summer, there are surfing and canoeing schools.

Canoubiers beach is easily accessible by car through the streets Chemin des Salines and Chemin de l’Estagnet. It is just 4 km from Saint Tropez and there is a large free car park along the road close to the beach.


Moutte beach

Well hidden among the Mediterranean bushes, the Moutte beach is the wildest in the Saint Tropez area. It is a long beach of white sand that follows the course of the coast, to the tip of the rock of the Croisette, to continue along the large pine forest. There are no services but only a few wooden walkways to facilitate the passage between the rocks. The the sea is clean and turquoise blue, the waters are deep just a few meters from the shore.

Because it is hidden, Moutte beach is not easily accessible: after the Chemin des Treilles de la Moutte road, you have to cross a private property, take a path located beyond the bar. Walking is allowed. An area of ​​the beach is dedicated to naturists.


Salins beach

A sea that has nothing to envy to the Caribbean characterizes the Salins beach, along with its white sand. The beach is 500 meters long and is located in a natural context, away from city services. In addition to the wide open beach, there is a bathing establishment and a shower station. In summer it is guarded by lifeguards and has access for people with reduced mobility. The large space and the sandy, shallow and regular seabed make this beach perfect for families with children.

Salins beach can be reached on foot in 5 minutes from Parc de la Moutte or by car along the Chemin des Salins which ends in front of the spa private and where there is free parking.


Tahiti beach

We are located outside the municipality of Saint Tropez. There Tahiti beach it is located, in fact, in the neighboring municipality of Ramatuelle. It is a long sandy beach that stretches for 5 km, all with a paradisiacal aspect due to the crystal blue water and the fine white sand. Here you will find bathing establishments, services, shops, bars and restaurants and also a good part of free beachclean and tidy.

Tahiti beach is equipped with parking (extra charge in high season) and can be reached via the Plages de Ramatuelle road and continuing along the Moulins road.


Pampelonne beach

The seventh beach in this guide is Pampelonne beach famous all over the world for being considered the best beach in the French Riviera so it doesn’t need an introduction.

This charming beach is located about 5 kilometers from Saint Tropez, its beach, made up of fine white sand, is about 6 kilometers long and has free beaches AND equipped beaches with elite spas.


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