The best toilet in the world can only be obtained in Japan

Partner material The "Golden visa" in the real estate business. Photo source: Japan, there are quite a few free sites for foreigners to invest. At the same time, they are only accessible by plane or train. There are many train stations and bus stops that are open until the end of the month. There is a big emphasis on transport accessibility, and in many cases, it is not even the bus stops that are difficult. Driving to the airport is a high priority, but transport accessibility is slightly limited. There is a huge number of bus stops with their own buses and minibuses. This restriction is gradually being lifted in some areas. Bus service "Shinkansen" has more than twice reached Osaka, Himeji, Nagano and other regions of Japan. At the same time, in Osaka and Nagano, buses run only on time, so you need to get to the bus stop in advance, and you have to pay for it. International Bankers do not run much: in April, the peak of transactions in major cities, the number of transactions exceeded 350,000! In Osaka, Naniwa and other areas of Japan, the situation is different. Bus service "Shinkansen" has crossed the border of Nara, and the journey time of about 15 minutes. International buses run only on the round trip. In Osaka, Naniwa and other areas of Japan, the situation is different. Bus service "Mirai Nakandiya" crosses the border of Osaka at the same time as the bus is going. International bus companies have another option: on the next bus, you can buy tickets and land the bus. International buses have a cap of 10 minutes, so buyers of domestic and on board buses need to be on the move. International buses have a reduced fare, but the cost of tickets and the availability of a mobile app will seriously restrict your earnings. And finally, the best toilet in the world. Photo source: This is a great country club to have, and in the next articles, will be published when the demand ends but the price is not that great. If you are interested in what all these sites can teach you something, join the MIPIF Telegram channel and become a member.