booking[.]com reveals the trends that will shape sustainable travel in 2022 and explains how the platform supports properties in their transition reveals the results of its new study identifying key trends expected to influence sustainable travel demand in 2022. The data, collected from more than 30,000 travelers from 32 countries, reveals a growing and encouraging appetite for sustainable travel. options. The sector must therefore do everything to meet these clear needs and turn these intentions into reality.

According to the study, 57% of people surveyed in France expressed their desire to travel more sustainably in the next 12 months, or 24 % more than in’s 2021 report. This reflects a collective conscience and the need to make responsible choices along the way. In addition, 68 % of respondents want to live experiences close to the local culture, and 64 % of French travelers want to leave the places they visited in better condition than the one they found them in. In addition, 43 % of respondents indicated that the latest climate change news has led them to make more sustainable choices for their travels.

It is encouraging to note that 27 % of French travelers say they have stayed in sustainable accommodation in the past year and that their motivations once again reflected an awareness:

  • 32 % of people surveyed say they wanted to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • 22 % were looking for a more local and authentic experience.
  • 23 % feel that sustainable settlements have a better relationship with the local community.

The desire to avoid the most popular and busy destinations is a consensus among French travellers: a quarter of them reveal that they have decided to travel in low season and 23 % chose to visit a less popular destination in the last 12 months to avoid mass tourism. It is in this state of mind that 31 % of French travelers say that in the future they would be willing to travel exclusively in low season to avoid the crowds. In addition, 71 % of them reveal that they would avoid the most touristy destinations and attractions to better distribute the benefits of their visit. 29% of them would be willing to change their favorite destination to avoid mass tourism.

Respond to these needs to capture demand and generate a positive impact

As we witness this positive moment, opportunities increase in the tourism sector to create more sustainable travel experiences and strengthen communication in this direction. Thus, the visibility of more sustainable stays continues to grow: 26 % of French travelers confirm they have seen sustainable accommodation on a travel booking site in the past year, and 25 % of them indicate that they actively seek information about a property’s sustainable practices prior to booking. But there are still actions to be taken to make it easier for travelers to find sustainable stay options.

Among French travelers who have not stayed in sustainable accommodation in the past year, 30 % say they are unaware of the existence of such accommodation, and 27 % say they still don’t know how to find them. Two-thirds of respondents (66 %) admit that they do not actively seek to learn about a property’s sustainable practices prior to booking, but will consult those practices if they are readily available. This further highlights the importance of making sustainability information transparent and understandable for all types of travellers.

while 63 % of French travelers intend to stay at a sustainable establishment at least 1 time in the next year, there is a real opportunity to bridge the gap between people already knowledgeable in the area and those still struggling to find the right options. In addition, 22 % of French travelers say that sustainable practices implemented by an accommodation or transport provider represent an important criterion when making their choice. not less than 55 % of people surveyed in France specify that they would be more likely to choose sustainable accommodation, whether they have done specific research in this regard or not.

To help travelers make more sustainable choices and recognize properties that are already making great strides in this area, launched the Sustainable Travel Property Emblem in November 2021. This unique seal is an innovative solution to highlighting institutions’ efforts in terms of sustainability. More than 100,000 establishments around the world have already been awarded. The sustainable practices in question were selected for their affordability, simplicity and high potential for impact. They have been verified by independent industry bodies such as Travalyst, an international organization working for sustainable tourism. The badge is designed as a universal tool that can meet the needs of all types of establishments, whether it’s an apartment in Amsterdam, a homestay in India or a resort on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The award of the seal is based on 32 sustainable practices that are recorded and analyzed. An establishment can also obtain the badge automatically if it has a third-party certificate or label, and the number of recognized certificates is constantly growing. In addition to those officially approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Green Tourism and European Ecolabel, Green Seal, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Green Hospitality Ecolabel, Ibex Fairstay, Fair Trade Tourism, LEED and Edge are now added.

The Sustainable Travel Establishment seal comes with educational resources. These aim to help establishments identify and implement actions to reduce their environmental impact and increase their social impact on the planet. These resources are available to all partner properties, regardless of where they are on their sustainability journey. In particular, they contain information on how to establish your environmental benchmark as well as practical advice on how to reduce your water and energy consumption.

Danielle D’Silva, Director of Sustainability at, said: It is very encouraging to see that sustainable travel is gaining traction around the world and that there is a growing desire to have a positive impact when traveling. But this is just the beginning. We realize that our partners play an essential role in this change. That’s why investing in the right programs and products is crucial. We want to help them communicate their field efforts to an increasingly responsible and involved audience. We can walk this path together, transforming good intentions into sustainable travel experiences that will have a significant impact on the present and the future.


This survey was commissioned by and conducted independently among a sample of 30,314 people in 32 countries and territories (including 1,000 in the United States, 958 in Canada, 1,009 in Mexico, 1,001 in Colombia, 1,003 in Brazil, 1,017 in Argentina , 1000 in Australia, 486 in New Zealand, 998 in Spain, 1003 in Italy, 996 in France, 495 in Switzerland, 980 in UK, 998 in Germany, 1014 in Netherlands, 991 in Belgium, 985 in Denmark, 984 in Sweden , 964 in Croatia, 976 in Russia, 1,008 in Israel, 1,002 in India, 1,004 in China, 925 in Hong Kong, 1,006 in Thailand, 988 in Singapore, 1,002 in Taiwan, 1,004 in Vietnam, 1,004 in South Korea, 1,003 in Japan, 1006 in South Africa and 504 in Kenya). To participate in this survey, respondents had to be at least 18 years old, have traveled at least once in the last 12 months, plan to travel in 2022 and have participated in organizing their stay. This survey was conducted online in February 2022.


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