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The actor and his wife, Sandra Bonzi, celebrate thirty years of love. And she debuts in fiction with a detective story. A bond made of irony, common passions and a courtship revealed here for the first time

Claudio Bisio, his wife Sandra Bonzi wrote a detective story with carts full of bloodied bodies, what do you think?

BISIO: “When I read it, I asked myself: who did I really marry? A serial killer?”
BONZI: “Fear, huh?”

Bonzi novel, nine and a half days (released April 28 for Garzanti) is a dark comedy in which Elena, a journalist, tries to hold together not only the pieces of bodies, but also a rapidly changing job and a family threatened by time and the erosion of habit. . And Sandra, a writer and journalist, makes her debut in fiction on the days when she celebrates thirty years of love with Cláudio: two children (Alice and Federico), an indestructible complicity, many shared passions. We meet remotely, in three different video windows: Bonzi is in Milan, Bisio is in Tuscany on business.

Sandra, how was the book born?

BONZI: «Thanks to Cláudio. I wrote it as a cinematic treatment, I was afraid to go further, but then he convinced me to make it a real novel, written in the third person».
BISIO: «In the house she is the reader. To say, years ago he made me discover Daniel Pennac ».

But also for her, Cláudio, Sandra’s opinion is fundamental.

BISIO: “As soon as I receive a script, I pass it on to my wife. She is thoughtful, she knows how to evaluate a job. Thanks to Sandra I said an important no. Sometimes I disobeyed, yes.”
BONZI: “But I took away my curiosity. Cláudio reads and is interested in everything. me less. About certain things I tend to turn off, for example, I know little about music”.
BISIO: «Also football. Is it possible that you can get theater tickets on the nights Milan play?”
BONZI: “But stop it, if I went out you’d go in with the first one to pass.”
BISIO: “No, be careful. It will never happen that Sandra leaves me, I’m sure, but if she absurdly did, here’s something I’d like all Corriere readers to know: she wouldn’t survive. I would feel completely lost. You have certain commands that keep me alive ».

How did you guys meet?

BISIO: «It was 1992, in Boario, at a film festival. I took her home to Milan and discovered that she had a double life: by day she was a strict, impeccable pierre, the best I had ever met; but at night she was transformed: she would liven up a room with a group of friends, thanks to songs and dances. Do you think they called themselves “The pulp ready”. So, okay, the night he threw me in the car, he won me over.”
BONZI: «He won me over with a gesture that I want to tell you here for the first time. So, “convicted” Gino and Michele met in Boario. That same night at the table he made a joke I didn’t like and so I closed it like a hedgehog. He noticed and tried several times to ask me what had happened. I change: I came from Bolzano, I received a rigorous education, I knew how to keep my distance. Then it happened that Claudio suddenly, in front of everyone, knelt at my feet saying: “If you don’t talk to me, I won’t leave here”.


BONZI: «In the novel I put many common passions, those with which we build our bond. Read, for starters, because we both love thrillers, from Manzini to Biondillo. But then also the irony, with the figures of the terrible old women who try to solve the mystery in which Elena Donati is involved, starting with Margherita, the mother of the protagonist».
BISIO: “On second thought, Sandra’s mother, my mother-in-law, has the same vitality!”
BONZI: «It’s true, my mother is eighty years old and does water aerobics, ceramics classes, painting. But with this book – and with the many female figures who are no longer young – I have also tried to claim the right to be of a certain age. Because it seems that once the age threshold is crossed, women no longer exist, at least in the most pervasive narrative of our times.”
BISIO: «But there are also many actresses who are no longer girls, but extraordinarily good and valued, popular. Angela Finocchiaro, for example. Or Lella Costa. Here is Sandra, which actress would you like to play Elena if the thriller became a movie?”
BONZI: «Maybe Angela Finocchiaro, but I would like Lella Costa too. Claudio and I often go to the theater, but also to exhibitions, especially on Thursday nights when the museums stay open late. And it’s not true that I only get tickets when Milan are there ».

Anyway, Bisio, reading the book makes you think that Sandra Bonzi is very funny. Maybe more than her!

BISIO: «Well, it’s time to cancel my subscription to Corriere della Sera! I’m kidding, obviously.”
BONZI: «I make you laugh when I write, in life I’m quite heavy, maybe a little dramatized. He is a treasure not to point here ».
BISIO: «Sandra makes me laugh but without her knowing it: she feels heavy, involved only in the family, a little melodramatic but not quite. It’s ironic, unpredictable. By the way, honey, where are you now?”
BONZI: “In my studio at our house, you can see in the video, where do you want it to be?”
BISIO: “Oh no, this fund is not our house, you’re hiding something from me, you know I’m jealous and that without you I’m nothing, come on, come on.”

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