Eliminated Amici 21 Friday Night and Bulletins / LDA and Luigi encantam al glove vs Sissi and Alex

Amici 21, LDA ends in the scrutiny: the public is on your side

The sixth night of Amici 21broadcast on April 23, 2022 on Canale 5, decrees the unexpected elimination of the LDA, denying the TV spoilers of Amici news and Il vicolo delle news. the first heat of the 3-team competition opens with the team led by Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano challenging the team led by Raimondo Todaro and Lorella Cuccarini. in the first challenge LDA in the notes of Se bruciasse la città by Massimo Ranieri (8th grade, it is almost always the son of art who opens the challenge and the exhibition is always felt; but it is the fandom controversy over Rudy Zerbi’s attributions that would highlight the talent of the young man from 19 years old) against Alex in the notes of Adore you by Harry Style (7th grade, the task is interesting, good voice, but we need to work on the interpretation and the staging). The second challenge of the Amici 21 ranks Michele Esposito in a choreography of Robbie Williams’ Puttin ‘on the ritz (8th grade, technique and stage presence) against Nuncio Stancampiano in a performance to the sound of Shakira’s tango Objection (ninth grade, an ovation from the audience for the performer Nunzio). The third challenge is the glove he wears LDA and Luis (vote 10, duet heard and viral on the web, even if the test is unfair because it is in favor of the team that launches it, Cucca-Todo) against Alex and Sissi (note 8, good fusion of the voices, we need to work on the interpretation) in the notes of Elisa’s If it rained your name.

The first heat is won by Cucca-Todo and to end up at risk in the final vote are Michele dancing Don Quixote III Atto (8th grade), LDA who presents the soap opera that winks at the summer hits, Bandana (9th grade) and Luigi who plays the unprecedented Tienimi stretti (note 8), and the 3 judges confirm that LDA can be eliminated… old, stream record on Spotify Italy, and favor other talents such as couples, Serena and Albe and Sissi and Dario for TV dynamics .

the second heat of Amici 21 sees Cucca-Todo challenge Cele-Zerbi and the first challenge ranks Alex with Scream and I don’t hear by Alessandra Amoroso (7th grade, crystalline voice, but who should improve in the interpretation) against Luís with Bella senz’anima by Riccardo Cocciante (7th and a half series, a good cover overall). The second challenge ranks Serena and Nunzio in a modern Casa Vianello and fine Senza (note 8, good alchemy) against Michele in Strength of a thousand men (grade 8, clean performance). The third challenge unfolds the soil of serene with Things I Don’t Say (note 8, correct interpretation) against Alex with the single Without asking permission (vote 7 and a half, an unprecedented laugh awaits). The second heat marks the victory of Cele-Zerbi and they risk a second round Alex, Serena and Nunzio and the judges confirm Nunzio as eliminable.

The final vote is between LDA, Nunzio and Dario, final with a twist for Amici 21

the third heat, after the prof glove that ranks the pros Cucca-Todo vs. Cele-Zerbi profs, sees Cele-Zerbi challenge the team led by Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini. The first challenge is a glove that unfolds Michele (note 8, great technique) against Darius (note 8, for style and interpretation) in a dance solo to Elton John’s Your Song. The second challenge of the Amici 21 ranks Michele in Soda pop (7 and a half vote) against Albe and Darius in The Cat and the Fox (7th grade). The third challenge ranks Luís in a solo singing with the guitar on You can leave your hat in control Darius in a dance solo in Piazza Grande. The third heat is won by Zerbi-Cele, who put Albe at risk with Millevoci (grade 8, beautiful nova, certified gold by Fimi) and Dario dancing Some nigts di Fun (grade 7), and the judges save the last one. Dario then ends up on the ballot with LDA and Nunzio.

In the final vote for elimination on the sixth night of Amici 21, Nunzio performs Jolie coquine (8th grade), LDA performs the unprecedented Excuse (9th and a half years, the emotion is tangible and in the studio fans dedicate posters, screams and applause to him). In the second round Nunzio dances Bella ciao (8th grade), LDA sings the cover of Caruso that moves him (8th grade) and Dario dances Another day of the sun by La la land (7th grade). The jury saves Dario. And the final vote of the third round classifies LDA with the cover of But the sky is always bluer (vote 7, Rudy Zerbi’s attribution is disputed by the 19-year-old fandom, as it is not considered suitable to enhance the vocal talent of the son of ‘arte) against Nunzio who transforms into Ricky Martin in a Latin choreography to the sound of La copa de mi vida (ninth grade, Nunzio is a stage animal). Amici 21 jury eliminates LDA and the verdict ignites the controversy of the moment. Luigi wins the Oreo challenge contest, the Tim prize goes to Sissi and the Marlù prize, worth 7 thousand euros, goes to the tenth eliminated from Amici 21, LDA.


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