Elisabetta Canalis, a Venus on the beach: you are simply spectacular

Model, showgirl and actress; here’s everything you need to know about Elisabetta Canalis, from her beginnings to her love life.

From the love story with Bobo Vieri to the beginnings of the entertainment world to a sensational controversy; let’s get to know more in detail Elisabetta Canalisa woman of infinite beauty and immense charm.

Elisabetta Canalis

Born September 12, 1978 to Sassari, Elisabetta Canalis currently lives in Los Angeles with the most important people in her life, her husband Brian Perri and daughter Skyler Eveborn on the twenty-ninth of october seven years ago.

As for the work aspect, the canals she had a very important success thanks to her participation, in the black tissue paper, in the satirical program take the newsbroadcast in the early evening of channel five and with the pair of conductors alternating continuously.

Showgirl, however, we also remember her for her television experiences, such as the hit series carabinieriinside love mistakes Beside Fábio De Luigi and on cinepanetone, now sixteen years ago, Christmas in New York where he starred alongside a true legend of comic cinema as Christian De Sica.

In recent months, a truly incredible controversy has erupted around the showgirl; it all started because of the commercial, my liguriashown on the nights of San Remo Festival. The first criticism was made of the origins of Sardinia canals.

The controversy immediately stopped with an explanation that was difficult to dispute: the commercial’s intention, in fact, was to allow those who did not live in Liguria enjoy, in the best possible way, the wonders of this extraordinary territory. But does not stop there; for Elisabetta Canaliswho created the commercial in his splendid apartment in Los Angeles the beauty of one hundred thousand euros was given as a reward.

In an attempt to calm the waters, he intervened Giovanni Toti; the president of Liguriain fact, he wanted to emphasize that the cost to showgirl was 0.01% compared to all users who saw the Festival.

between passions canals we must necessarily mention football; showgirl is actually a big fan ofInter and in the past it has been seen several times in the stands of San Siro while supporting your favorites. the champions ofItalyafter a difficult moment with seven points in as many games and the risk of abandoning the dispute for the championship, they raised their heads and now they are back masters of their own destiny also considering the match to be recovered, at the home of bologna.

As for the sentimental aspect, however, one cannot fail to mention the relationship with Bobo Vieriformer striker of a league. The love story between the dancer and the former striker was one of the most important of the 2000s. The two, by the way, constantly occupied the main pages of the various gossip newspapers and the relationship seemed to last forever.

However, things turned out differently and the reason for the breakup should have been the fact that I cameas revealed by the same Elisabetta Canalishe wasn’t completely immune to feminine charm.

Declaration confirmed by the same I came in his book entitled “call me bomber”, where it counts the time when the canals he scratched the entire side of the car with a key, a Porsche Cayenne. An episode that, and it’s not hard to believe, is really hard to forget. The two are now in good condition and have respectively managed to find serenity from a sentimental point of view.

Elisabetta Canalis found happiness thanks to marriage (the fateful yes was said eight years ago) with Brian Perri. We’re talking about a man capable of graduatingAllegheny College and who later obtained a master’s degree in neurology and Hartford; he is one of the world’s leading and well-known surgeons, specializing in complex reconstructive surgery for spinal tumors and degenerative diseases.

As we said earlier, seven years ago Elisabetta Canalis AND Brian Perri they became parents; the dancer has a truly extraordinary relationship with the little girl. As soon as she was born, the showgirl promised herself to speak to her in Italian, as English is a language she knows, but not one hundred percent.

There canals she defines herself as proud of her daughter and her ability to speak two languages ​​(with her mother she speaks in Italian while with her father she speaks in English). The communication between her and her daughter is seen as a kind of secret that others cannot understand, a true coded language.

The little skylerHowever, he never used this advantage to not be understood by his colleagues. Still in terms of language, the dancer’s daughter grew up in an American environment, with American friends, but she always kept her knowledge of Italian alive thanks to her mother who never stopped teaching her.

the desire of canals it would be to enroll her daughter in an Italian school, but it was too far from home and that would mean a lot of effort for her daughter. From a school point of view, the dancer is very satisfied with the performance of her daughter, who has excellent grades.

From a social point of view, Elisabetta Canalis is very followed Instagram where his profile surpassed three million followers.

Elisabetta Canalis and the great love for dogs: what you need to know

A little curiosity about Elisabetta Canalis; in addition to her love for her daughter and husband, the showgirl has a special place in her heart for the three pinches, Piero, My AND Meghan Kelly. Of these, however, Piero he passed away in 2017 with the showgirl who recounted the immense pain felt by the terrible loss.

A scary message from the showgirl, in greeting, for the last time and through a wonderful photo, her four-legged friend. the disappearance of Pieroand that’s the most important thing, it has absolutely not diminished the love of Elisabetta Canalis for dogs with the dancer who actually decided to welcome two more. The first, Neloalways tweezers while zoe is a german shepherd.

The relationship between the canals, the husband and daughter with the dogs is really extraordinary. The little one is especially loved by zoe While Nelo pretty much everywhere follows showgirl.

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