Expectations are growing for Vasco, demand boom from all over Italy for a room on the days of the show – Chronicle

TRENTO. The veils of the organization and logistics machine behind the concert of Vasco Rossi in Trento on May 20th. A highly anticipated concert not only in Trentino (already with more than 110 thousand tickets sold), but throughout Italy. In recent days there is a rush to book a hotel or private room that smells like a big deal.

Wednesday night in the civic hall of piedicastello the first of a series of meetings, aimed at the population, organized by the Province and Municipality to explain in the districts in question how the days before the event, the date of the concert and the public flow (120,000 spectators are expected) will be experienced until the next morning, Saturday, May 21.

Historic center-Piedicastello, Oltrefersina, Mattarello, Ravina-Romagnano are the territorial realities most involved. The concert, as you know, takes place at the new Trentino Music Arena in San Vincenzo, between the Mac Donald’s roundabout and Mattarello.

The civil protection department official of the province, the engineer Silvia Marchesithe surveyor Fredi Poli of the municipal construction site and the chief commissioners of the local police Pierangelo Vescovi AND Mauro Eccel they illustrated in detail road closures, parking plans, roads, access methods.

concert area

There are 27 hectares. There will be three audience areas (defined as boxes), depending on the ticket purchased: brown (closest to the stage), blue (in the middle), burgundy (farther from the stage, towards the north).

Behind the stage, towards Mattarello, backstage space and parking for the organization and civil protection vehicles. The concert will only be reached from the north, with two entrances: one through via del Viticoltori, near the Cantina sociale Trento. The other on Via San Vincenzo. There will be filters and preventive checks to block those who do not have a ticket.

The opening

On Thursday, May 19, there will be at least ten thousand spectators (by invitation, registered in the Fan Club) at the dress rehearsals (soundcheck): the gates, for them, will be open at 2 pm, for the 9 pm presentation . to the Desert (for the new hospital).

The following day, Friday, May 20, is the day of the big event: from 9 pm, a set of 28 songs, closing of Albachiara; the gates will be open from 9 am. The exodus of spectators from midnight, scheduled until 2-3 in the morning and Viale Verona will be substantially pedestrian. Peak arrivals are expected between 4pm and 6pm.

Means of transport

At least 150 buses are expected (for a total of 7,500 spectators): they will park on the ring road, between the roundabout in Marinaio and Mattarello (if necessary, up to Acquaviva). It is estimated that around 15,000 people will arrive by train, from the Verona-Brennero axis, as well as from the Valsugana and Noce valleys (there will be extraordinary trains for the night flow).

Another 15,000 spectators are expected from the city, by bicycle and on foot. In the public parking lot next to the Bicigrill, racks will be set up to store up to 500 bicycles, in the one next to the air space for motorcycles.

Parking lots

There will be 25,000 in the city and surroundings. It is estimated that there will be three spectators in each car. Parking spaces can be reserved from the end of April, beginning of May, on a dedicated portal, linked to the website of the Province and the concert (Vasco-live) and reserved for those who have a ticket.

The night before the concert, public parking lots in the Ghiaie area in the Desert, two parking lots in Ravina, Monte Baldo, piazzale Sanseverino, ex Sit, ex Italcementi, ex Zuffo, Instituto Pertini must be left free for concert ticket holders.

Vasco fans will have to walk to the concert area from these parking lots. While for those who park in Spini di Gardolo and Pergine-Civezzano, there will be buses (respectively red and blue) with a terminal in viale Rovereto and in the Barbacovi area. Parking bans in the affected car parks will be posted well in advance, with 200 spaces reserved for people with disabilities, with relative parking spaces not far from the stage.


It will be closed to traffic to allow the concert spectators to pass. From Mattarello to Ravine. Thursday 19 from noon to 5 am on Friday 20. Friday 20 from 9 am until 7 am on Saturday 21, when everything should be over.

Heavy traffic arriving from Rovereto towards Trento will be diverted to the A22 and Destra Adige from Rovereto and Calliano. Already on Wednesday, May 18, a white area will be established from 8, with circulation limits (authorized for residents only) on via san Vincenzo (from Marinheiro to via Pomeranos in Mattarello).

From 6 am on Thursday, May 19, yellow area, with traffic restrictions from Mattarello (via Cooperation) to via Menguzzato and on Friday (red zone) to the Palasport area, with local police who will allow the passage of residents, those who go to work or school, who go to the shops in the area. The filter is to prevent some “smart” from occupying the parking lots or campgrounds in advance of the show. It is likely that the section of the A22 between Trento Nord and Rovereto Nord will be free for Trentinos on the day of the concert: the modalities will be defined.

smart work

To contain the inconvenience on the day of the concert, Friday 20th of May, the Province and the Municipality will give priority to the intelligent work of employees, given the unavailability of parking spaces in the city.

future concerts

From the Province it appears that after Vasco there will be other concerts, but from 20 to 30,000 spectators, in the same arena. Contacts with the artists have already been made.

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