Here are all the haircuts for mature women

With haircuts for mature women and the right look for those who have passed the so that it is possible to look gorgeous and beautiful in every moment of your life. You the hairstyles to be created, contrary to what one might think, are numerous; in this way, everyone can freely choose what they prefer. Who said that from a certain age you had to choose a serious and modest “lady” look? In this article we show you which are the best haircuts for mature women, whether they are over 50, 60 or 70, so that you can choose what you prefer with complete freedom.


Haircuts of mature women 40

Charlize Theron with a choppy bob cut

Women in their early 40s don’t necessarily need to cut their hair and ditch the length. In fact, at this age it is still possible to show off beautiful long haircuts. What matters in this case is to always take good care of it and possibly choose collected hairstyles, which are also easy to do at home.

Haircuts for mature women over 40

Long haircut for a 40 year old woman by Michelle Hunziker

Alternatively, depending on your personal style, your habits, but especially the shape of your face, you can choose other types of looks like new short haircuts. Of course, at this age it is still possible to experiment, but it is not wrong to look for haircuts that rejuvenate.


Haircuts for mature women over 50

The super short cut of Halle Berry, 50 years old

The short haircut for women in their fifties is the most popular. Expresses great security and avoids being too far behind the brush and the hair dryer. We are no longer teenagers and society teaches us that short, in this case, is better than long. It is also true that women with medium haircuts who take very good care of their hair are very nice. It is therefore not surprising that at this age not everyone chooses a very short style, which completely reveals the face and neck.

Haircuts for mature women 50

Sandra Bullock sports a medium long wavy cut with a 50 inch side parting

Among the most popular haircuts for women in their fifties is the square, often offered asymmetrically, so long in front and short behind, which can be accompanied by soft bangs. Alternatively, another great haircut for a 50 year old woman is the pixie: in this case, color tones, so highlights and light strokes, can be useful to add shine.


Mature Women's Haircuts 60

Jamie Lee Curtis with a very short haircut

What is the best haircut for a 60 year old woman? There are no real rules, it all depends on face shape and personal needs. We understand that at this age, focusing on shorts is the easiest choice, but it’s not the only one. This can represent a valid solution if you have to resort to curly haircuts, since they are quite difficult to tame, but above all they require a lot of care.

Haircuts for mature women 60 morante

Cropped mid-length haircut with side tuft by Laura Morante

Alternatively, you can always opt for a medium bob as long as you are very good at taking care of it. The fold must therefore always be impeccable.


Haircuts for mature women over 70

Helen Mirren with a short and soft cut on the sides

Hair expresses your femininity even when you are not very young. In this case, it is also important to understand which are the 70+ haircuts that best suit your style. At this age, you may be able to forego dyeing, especially if you have an even, light salt and pepper color. The short, in this case, is almost obligatory unless you’re particularly good at putting the lengths together in a fancy bun. Say no to flashy clamps and clips.

Haircuts for mature women 70

The curly short cut of Ornella Vanoni

The film represents a very particular choice that requires great sacrifices, which is why many give up and hope for the opposite. But how to cut an old lady’s short hair? No matter how, because in this case it is extremely important to have a good hairdresser. What matters is to understand what you want and above all to choose a look that is easy to manage on a daily basis.


Haircuts for short mature women

Helen Mirren with a short haircut

Now let’s move on to the different styles of haircuts and first look at the short, which many love and prefer. Among the haircuts to consider are pixie and boyish cuts. Women who have passed the enta, by the way, already love them and often opt for a shorter and more manageable look. Also, these are great haircuts for women over 50. Consider Sharon Stone and how she pulls off the ultra-short look. It’s also been one of the best haircuts for over 70 years, so take it seriously.

Haircuts for mature women Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone very short haircut for mature women

If you are really not convinced by this choice and prefer something less drastic, go for one of the short layered haircuts, maybe a wispy bob, which frames the face perfectly. We also recommend helmets, as they are very versatile. Think of Raffaella Carrà and the way she exhibits it with great irony and levity. This is definitely one of the best short haircuts for older women.


Haircuts for mature women

Medium Haircut for Mature Women by Diane Keaton

A good haircut for a 50 year old woman can be average. A light and soft length can prove to be a good solution for those who do not want to give up their beautiful thick hair. The choice falls on haircuts that reach the shoulders and are slightly scaly, to be accompanied by a tuft, which gently caresses the face.

Giorgia mature women haircuts

Giorgia with a medium haircut

If you have straight hair, the hairstyle will be easy to manage, while those who have to resort to curly hair remedies will have to work a little harder, but you will certainly know how to tame the cut, especially by opting for the bun and braids.


Haircuts for mature women

Cher and her long wavy haircut

Long haircuts for mature women deserve a separate chapter. After 40, many are uncomfortable with hair past their shoulders because personal needs and tastes change so much. In addition, over time, it is important to take care of long hair to keep it healthy and strong, otherwise it will lose shine and volume.

Straight haircuts for mature women

Meryl Streep with a long haircut for mature women

Among the haircuts for women in their fifties, we suggest the regular ones, to wear wavy, to create a little volume. This might be a good haircut for a woman in her 60s, who might also prefer a more curly effect and a layered look.


Haircuts for mature women colors

gray bob for mature woman’s hair

What is the best hair color for mature women? Over time, the hair turns gray: in the past many were ashamed of the whiteness of their hair, but today this is no longer the case. So, the best hair color for mature women is definitely gray, but it is not the only one.

Haircuts for mature women colors

Natural Blonde Hair Color for Barbra Streisand

If you do not want to accept that your hair changes, you can ask your hairdresser for exactly a women’s hair color, perhaps a color close to natural. Avoid very strong colors, like black, and always prefer something softer and warmer, like hazelnut browns, platinum blondes or delicate reds.

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