Ladies’ Paradise May 2-6, 2022: Previews

Ladies’ Paradise May 2-6, 2022 previews

With episodes 155-160 of season 6, the fourth cycle of episodes of the Daily version comes to an end. Friday, April 29, 2022, the latest episode of The women’s paradise 6. However, soap does not abandon us. Which episodes air the ladies paradise May 2 to 6, 2022? The appointment is always Monday to Friday at 3:50 pm on Rai Uno or streaming on RaiPlay. A surprise awaits you…

Find the weekly advances of Ladies’ paradise May 2-6, 2022 below. It’s a return to origins that holds our hearts.

De Il Paradiso delle Signore from May 2, 2022 will be on the air replicasstarting with the first episode!

Alessandro Tersigni (Vittorio Conti) in a scene from episode 1 of
Alessandro Tersigni (Vittorio Conti) in a scene from episode 1 of “Il Paradiso Delle Signore”. Credits: Rai

The Paradise of the Ladies Episode 1 on Monday, May 2, 2022

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the first episode of the ladies paradise (season 1) is “summer in winter“. It airs in a reduced version.

It’s 1956. Teresa Iorio (Giusy Buscemi) is a young Sicilian woman who leaves her country for Milan. Her uncles are waiting for her in the Milanese city. In Milan, under fortunate circumstances, he comes across Pietro Mori (Giuseppe Zeno), the owner of “Ladies’ Paradise”. Teresa is fascinated by this. However, he soon discovers the truth. Mori is the same one who had his uncle arrested vicenzo (Fabrizio Ferracane) accused of setting fire to his van.

However, the girl decides to participate in the selections to become a department store clerk.

The Paradise of the Ladies Episode 2 Tuesday, May 3, 2022

the second episode of the ladies paradise (season 1) is “Never give up“. It airs in a reduced version.

Teresa want to work in Paradise. However, an interview and written test are required to become a Venus. Clara Mantovani (Christiane Filangieri), the main contractor, manages the selections. For Teresa, the tests turn out to be a real disaster. Despite the results, Teresa will have another chance.

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Meanwhile, Mori is in financial trouble. Carlos Mandelli (Corrado Tedeschi) hinders him. Mandelli is the new owner of the bank that subsidizes his business. He’s ready to do anything to destroy the women’s paradise. then Peter he approaches the Milanese mala, in the person of Bruno Jacobi (Alessandro Averone).

Meanwhile, Teresa succeeded in his attempt. A job as a clerk at the department store is hers. the girl’s father, Joseph (Antonio Milo), however, is called to Milan by his brother’s wife – who is in prison. Teresa’s father wants to take her to Sicily.

The Paradise of the Ladies Episode 3 Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The third episode of the ladies paradise (season 1) is “Responsibility“. It airs in a reduced version.

the father of Teresa he intends to bring his daughter back to Sicily. However, upon learning of his brother’s condition, he decides to postpone his departure. In fact, the uncle Teresa he was arrested.

Small thefts happen in Paradise. Suspicions fall Teresa. A job that was excluded from the selections, by name Monica (Margherita Laterza), does everything to frame the young Sicilian. However, Iorio avoids being fired by discovering (and setting up) the real culprit.

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Meanwhile, Pietro started dating andreina (Alice Torriani). She is precisely the daughter of Carlos Mandelli, that is, the owner of the bank that finances Mori’s venture. Mandelli is relentless and ready to do anything to make a scorched earth paradise.

Teresa leave one Peter who will leave the department store for family reasons.

The Paradise of the Ladies Episode 4 Thursday, May 5, 2022

the fourth episode of the ladies paradise (season 1) is “the week of the south“. It airs in a reduced version.

He died decides to organize an event at the Paradiso with the aim of attracting southerners who come to Milan on business. The name of the event is actually “South Week”. Ambitious department store advertising consultant engages in: Vittorio Conti (Alessandro Tersigni). These are also best friends Pietro Mori. vittorio manages to convince Teresa to participate in the hype that has a strong response.

Pietro Mori keep dating Andreina Mandelli. It is moved by an ulterior motive.

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Meanwhile uncle Vicente get out of prison. Per Teresa It’s time to go back to Sicily with Dad. Surprisingly, the latter, just before leaving, leaves her room for manoeuvre: that she freely chooses what to do with her future.

The Paradise of the Ladies Episode 5 on Friday, May 6, 2022

The fifth episode of the ladies paradise (season 1) is “the beauty for everyone“. It airs in a reduced version.

In April 1956, the Fair opened in Milan. He died ask for vittorio and the other department store employees to design an advertising page. It must have a specific characteristic: a phrase that can uniquely distinguish Heaven.

Meanwhile Teresa get a job vicenzo. Bertone, a textile industrialist who supplies his uncle’s shop, meets Pietro Mori. The initial idea of ​​buying the factory is then transformed into a tailor-made work contract for Vincenzo.

Despite being a substantial financial commitment, He died don’t feel in balance. You think the Mandelli deal might be solid enough. He is Carlos reached this compromise: the collaboration of Mandelli is guaranteed as long as Pietro stays away from Andreina.

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Meanwhile to paradise Fifth aggression to the boyfriend of A-N-A (Giulia Vecchio), being in love with the girl and wanting to defend her. So Fifth (Cristiano Caccamo) is in danger of losing his job at the warehouse.

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