Meet profiles exploring tourist places in Fortaleza

One modality of short videos on TikTok and Instagram Reels has gained prominence: they show unexplored or little-known places. In Fortaleza, several influencers are ready to talk about their city on social networks.

There are many profiles on TikTok and Instagram that act as guides to discover different parts of the world. This “service”, grown after the end of the isolation measures caused by Covid-19, is also beginning to expand in Fortaleza.

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And the range of topics is diverse. It ranges from profiles exploring restaurants and bars to profiles looking for little-known bazaars and thrift stores. THE PEOPLE selected some profiles showing Fortaleza from different perspectives. Cash:

Meet eight profiles on TikTok showcasing the city of Fortaleza

1. Explore with me

Pedro Freitas uses his TikTok profile to show a number of interesting places in Fortaleza. Although most of its videos are related to restaurants, bars and all kinds of gastronomic experiences, Tiktoker also features other ventures, such as: B. Shops to visit or concert halls to visit.

@explore.comigo We know a restaurant from Pará in Fortaleza. #fortal #fortalcity #fortaleza #fortalezace #fortalezaceara ♬ Flying to Pará – Joelma

2. Reindeer

Paulistano showcases the diversity of the capital, Fortaleza, through fashion and nights geared towards the LGBT crowd. The goal is to show not only what people wear to parties, but also where to find personality pieces at thrift stores.

@reneolv The best LGBTQIA+ ride in Fortaleza #fortaleza #fortal #VaiPraOnde #fy ♬ Faking Love (feat. Saweetie) – Anitta

3. Emily around

In a clear nod to Emily in Paris, a Netflix series, fellow countryman Emily explores Fortaleza through all sorts of events, restaurants and museums the city has to offer. The interesting thing is that she visits places outside the Aldeota area, sharing experiences in the neighborhoods of Messejana, Sabiaguaba and Parangaba, for example.

@emilyporai This time we were at Tempero do Mangue #fortal #fortaleza #fortalcity #fortalezace #fortalezaceara ♬ Countless – Official Sound Studio

4. Teresa, from Lugares em Fortal

Tereza goes beyond content that just shows places. She answers questions about prices, stays and even cheaper ways to take advantage of gastronomic experiences in the city. Tiktoker also visits bars and lively places in the capital at night.

@terezavai Reply @sandramedrado8 Take your doubts to @beachpark! #beachpark #beachparkfortaleza #fortaleza #aquiraz #ceará ♬ Friendships – 舒琪淏

5. Dani Desbravando, by Dani Barbosa

Dani Barbosa shares some tips for thrift stores with affordable clothing. In addition, it shows more different restaurants and different dishes. It also publicizes public spaces that can be visited but are little known.

@danidesbravando I’m in love with this thrift store! #fortaleza #fortal #fortalcity #fortalcityyy #frischoemfortaleza #frischo #lugaresemfortaleza #fortalezaceara ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

6.Amanda Alves

Amanda Alves focuses on cooking, whether it’s for lunch, happy hour, or an interesting dinner. She also makes videos of lists, which helps in deciding the best place to visit.

@amandavfalves Discover Imprensa Food Square in Fortaleza – a place with multiple restaurants and food options. #fortaleza #fortalezace #fortalezaceara #fortalcity ♬ Boys don’t cry – Anitta

7. Instantiate Moments, by Priscila and Aquila

What makes Instantie Momentos special is the variety of free or affordable programs, mainly from lesser-known public bodies.

@instanciemomentos Cidade da Criança is in the center of Fortaleza and it’s so beautiful. Admission free and open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. White? #fortaleza #fortalezace #fortalezaceara #ondeirfortaleza #fortalcity ♬ As It Was – Harry Styles

8. TBS: The Best Sourvenir, by Sofia Vitorino

TBS focuses on tourists visiting the capital as it offers travel planning guide services. Sofia She also makes other trending content, as they call the dubbing videos that go viral on TikTok or Instagram Reels.

@tbsouvenir Touring Fortaleza with TBS and the day I met MIS! #dicasfortaleza #fortalcity #TuristaemQualquerLugar #fortalezace #turismolocal #viagens #museusbr ♬ Sunroof – Nicky You are & dazy

The growth of tourism in Fortaleza

Tourism has been one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. But the hotel industry is already following a gradual growth. While in 2021 occupancy was 45.54% during the carnival period, it rose to 75% in 2022, according to the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry of Ceará (ABIH-CE). In 2020, before the restrictive measures imposed due to the pandemic, hotel occupancy was around 80%, according to the company.

According to data from the Viajanet portal, Fortaleza ranks second among the most popular destinations in the Northeast of Brazil for the Carnival season this year, with 6.5% of travelers’ preferences. In the national ranking, the capital Ceará was in fourth place.

According to a document recently released by the Ministry of Tourism, the capital Ceará is also among the 25 cities that are trending in 2022. The Northeast is the highlight of this list with 12 cities.

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