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Published on 23/04/2022 16:33.

The Town Clerk for Women, Gerusa Sampaio, said the aim of the new legislation is to encourage owners of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to help women in vulnerable situations.

Now that the law is in effect, union guides bars and restaurants to help women in violent situations
Photo: Ney Silva/ Acorda Cidade

Laiane Cruz

Last Tuesday, April 19, Mayor Colbert Martins issued a decree approving the bill drafted by Councilor Luciane Aparecida Silva Brito Vieira (Lu de Ronny), which provides for mandatory bars, restaurants and nightclubs to help women who indicate they are at risk. such as intimidation and physical violence.

Under the law, which is already in force, the above-mentioned institutions must place posters on the doors of women’s toilets or in highly visible places with the words: ‘VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS A CRIME. COMMUNICATE OUR EMPLOYEES IF YOU ARE AT RISK OR THREATENED.”

In addition, when an employee or the owner of the establishment is warned by the victim about the risk situation, he must accompany her to the car or other means of transport and activate the safety devices. (Knowing more)

Photo: Ney Silva/ Acorda Cidade

For the owner of a restaurant in the city, João Luna, the law has interesting aspects, because it will give women more power to protect themselves against aggression.

“In public places, they can find a guardhouse to file complaints and are protected, if they feel comfortable in that environment, to have a support network to help them get over those situations. I don’t think the law will cause a nuisance because it could happen for other reasons. It is day by day of those who trade, we need not fear it. And the security services are there to support the citizen and the companies,” the trader looked back.

Despite agreeing with the institution of the law, the businessman points out that it is imperative that any action to protect women within the establishment be done with great caution. In addition, employees must undergo training with the security services, who can advise on any kind of situation with these types of cases.

“I think there should be a partnership even to run the bars if there is an exclusive channel for activation or not because at the time of the incident create a process for the employee or bar owner to do and the security services see that protocol already and this facilitates the action You also have to be very careful, calm and patient so as not to create a bad atmosphere in the restaurant or bar, and not to cause discomfort to other people who are not involved and even a bigger mess, so it is interesting to provide guidance from the security services, because they are already used to dealing with it and know that some situations increase people’s emotional instability,” thought João Luna.

Photo: Ney Silva/ Acorda Cidade

The president of the trade union of bars and restaurants, Getúlio Andrade, believes that the entity should support the application of the law and instruct the establishments on how to proceed.

“The union, as a representative of a social segment, only needs to tell the represented companies that at this point, since the law has already been passed, it is only up to us to comply with the law. We have already passed the information on to the employees, who already have knowledge, and the press plays a very interesting role, as far as it discloses all this, and from now on it complies with the law. The law plays an extremely important role in women’s empowerment, so the union could not oppose a regulation that goes in that direction. The recommendation that the union gives to its employees is that they keep this information because there is one of the articles of law that recommends posting notices that if the woman feels threatened, she will pass the information on to one of the employees , and from this point on when this communication is made to the company, the company needs to look at how it can provide support,” the union official said.

On the other hand, according to Getulio Barbosa, it is necessary to make it very clear, so as not to cause social confusion about this law, that public safety is an obligation of the state and the municipality.

“There is more legislation, namely the Maria da Penha law, that is moving in this direction. The union encourages its members to comply with the above provision and this should be done with great caution, as the company’s employees are not trained for such a position. And when called upon to receive this information, they must pass it on to the owner or anyone who is currently representing the business to see what action can be taken from this point on. No clashes with a customer or trying to interfere with a potential clash or argument. The position of the company’s employees must be very emotional and pass on the information to know whether in the dialogue it is possible to equate, or if not, to seek the security channels, with communication with the police, with the women’s police station” he argued.

The union chairman said he is already preparing the stickers that will be used by the companies. But he noted that only once the company has communicated through one of its employees will any form of support be needed.

“Article 1 of the law states that if the woman is in danger, on the site, in the internal space of the companies, it is from there up to the companies to help, who may accompany the woman to the car, if it is for the door of the establishment, and that will depend a lot on the situation, the movement, whether the house is full, to see how it will be in practice. And if this kind of support is not possible, the communication to the police can be done, but in a subtle way, which is not perceived by those involved in a situation of possible confrontation or intimidation. I’d say it’s a practical attitude, covered with a lot of caution and subtlety, to keep the thing from taking on a more serious dimension.”

Photo: Ney Silva/ Acorda Cidade

The Town Clerk for Women, Gerusa Sampaio, said in an interview with Acorda Cidade that the aim of the new legislation is to encourage owners of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to offer assistance to women in vulnerable situations, but that there is no need for any form of penalty if not observed.

“I want to congratulate alderman Lu de Rony, for letting society help too. The woman is often vulnerable in a bar and in a restaurant, where she can signal, ask for help, so we have to bring society closer and closer. I really liked it, I support every measure that promotes the safety of women, who definitely need our support. There is no punishment of any kind for establishments, but an incentive for this support that women receive when they are in danger, and that a waiter is attentive, a bar owner, even the customers themselves, who can also sue. It’s a way of helping people help the woman who asks for help, who is in a vulnerable situation,” he said.
The secretary pointed out that harassment is an abusive behavior, which occurs through conduct, acts, gestures, which can be written, aggressive or even property harassment.

“There are different types of bullying. Here at the secretariat we also welcome people who are in a situation of any kind of violence, and harassment is violence. Here there is a whole psychological and social follow-up and, depending on the seriousness, it is forwarded to the competent authorities.”

Photo: Ney Silva/ Acorda Cidade

Although Town Clerk for Women Gerusa Sampaio says there will be no punishment for establishments that break the law, Councilor Lu de Ronny assured that she will insist on checking the applicability of the legislation in the municipality herself.

“I found the implementation of this project to be of great value and I would like to thank the executive’s sensitivity to not only sanction but also sexual harassment in closed environments. And this one now has to do with the issue of women in bars and restaurants feeling vulnerable. I am going to take the opportunity to invite Getúlio Andrade, who has already contacted me, where we can also propose guidance to the owners of the establishments or whoever they designate, so that we can propose a lecture, to and have this project enforced. I, as the author of the project, will make it a point to inspect it, because we know the feminicide rate is absurd. Women are constantly being murdered and I, as a councilor active in this Parliament, have a duty to introduce bills that protect women,” the MP said.

She emphasized that the project is self-explanatory and easy to understand, to facilitate the safety of women and anyone who is a bar or restaurant worker.

“If the woman who is in a vulnerable situation calls for help, she should be welcome. At no point was there any opposition from parliamentarians, they were sensitive to the project. There was a lot of discussion on the podium, very fruitful discussions and it was unanimously approved by the audience.”

With information from reporter Ney Silva of Acorda Cidade.

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