Planet Manga: The Napoli Comicon 2022 Manga Announcements

We report below all the manga announced by the publisher Planet Manga in his lecture Naples Comic 2022:

Fireworks (comics and novels)
from Shunji Iwai AND Makoto Fūgetsu (manga) and Itoshi One (novel).

7 vol. completed, with dust jacket, €14.90.
Leaving Julybimonthly.

Romance will instead come out ad Augustsingle volume priced at €12.90, or box set with the first volume of the manga at €27.90.

The story takes place during the summer vacation period, during which a group of children decide to go see the fireworks from the local lighthouse to determine if, looking at them from this perspective, they are round or flatter. Meanwhile, one of his friends, Norimichi, is not interested in the diatribe about the shape of the bonfires when he receives a sudden invitation from Nazuna, the girl he likes….

Excuse me, dentist

from Shō Yamazaki

5 vol. in progress, with dust jacket, € 7.00.
Leaving Augustbimonthly.

Two yakuza clans have divided the city for generations: the Kokuyo-kai with their men in black and the Shinju, usually dressed in white. On the border that delimits the territory of the two clans there is a small dental office run by a beautiful dentist. A yakuza is about to fall under the young woman’s spell. But appearances are deceiving…

love emotion theory

from Kyoko Aiba

2 vol. completed, with dust jacket, €7.00.
Leaving Augusta month.

Ryoma has a special trait – he is able to read other people’s emotions with a glance. But one day he meets Aoyama, whose feelings are hidden behind a thick halo of mystery…

Living Cat’s Nyaight

from Black Hawk AND root lock

2 vol. in progress, with dust jacket, € 7.00.
Leaving Augustquarterly.

A pandemic outbreak of the NN virus has turned humans into cats one after another and others must fight for their survival. In a world ruled by cats, a man who has lost many of his friends to the cats fights to save humanity.

togen anki

from Yura Urushibara

8 vol. in progress, € 5.20.
Leaving Septemberbimonthly.

Ichinose Shiki lived her entire childhood ignoring that she was an heir to the Oni blood. One day, when an unknown man tries to kill him, his adoptive father decides to reveal the truth to him. In a world where Oni and Momotarou could never coexist, we accompany Ichinose in her struggle for power and to unite the two races.

Tales of Boichi

from boy

2 vols., with dust jacket, € 7.00.
Leaving September,

A collection of science fiction stories written and drawn by Boichi.

Rose for Mameshiba

from I take Kurahashi

Single volume, with dust jacket, € 7.00.
exit from a Septemberalso in packaging with Morning Star volume 1 to 14€.

Ken is a hardcore fan of the idol group Planet. One day, while ordering the latest news from his favorite group, the young salesman recognizes him: he is his student at the school where he works. Ken begs the boy to keep quiet about his hobby and the devilish student agrees putting on one condition: that from that moment on he becomes his docile dog.

Hello Morning Star

from I take Kurahashi

2 vol. in progress, with dust jacket, € 7.00.
Leaving September, also with vol. 1 in pack with Rose for Mameshiba for €14.00.

Despite being “more than friends”, today Atsuto and Yuuki are rivals in two idol bands on the crest of the wave; the serious is impassive Yuuki is a member of Real, while the cheerful Atsuto plays on L-Planet. The atmosphere between the two is always very tense, but as much as they try to ignore each other, they end up living under the same roof to prepare for a movie in which they will act together. Will forced coexistence lead them to reconnect?

Urasekai Picnic

from Iori Miyazawa AND Jeez Mizuno

8 vol. in progress, with dust jacket, €7.50.
Leaving Septemberbimonthly.

The story takes place in the modern world, but there is a door that can take people “to the other side”, where strange urban legends come to life. In search of money and an important person, Sorawo and Toriko set foot into the unknown.

Blue Sky Complex

from Kei Ichikawa

7 vol. in progress, with dust jacket, € 7.00.
Leaving Septemberbimonthly.

Narasaki is a student like many who would like to spend time reading alone. Unfortunately, however, the teacher in charge of his class entrusts him with the task of watching over Terashima, a notorious delinquent. The two spend a lot of time together and gradually become attracted to each other…

the spy’s wife

from Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Kiyoshi Kurosawa AND Masasumi Kakizaki

2 vol. completed, with dust jacket, €7.00.
Leaving Septembera month.

Yusaku Fukuhara runs a trading company in Kobe and, sensing a kind of turmoil in the air, leaves his wife Satoko at home to move to Manchuria with his nephew, and that’s when he sees something shocking happening. Yusaku decides to reveal the incident to the entire world and does so. The man is accused of being a traitor, but Satoko believes him and promises to stay with him, no matter what the consequences.

Okaeri Alice

from Shuzo Oshimi

4 vol. in progress, with dust jacket, € 7.00.
Leaving Octoberbimonthly.

Yohei, Kei and Yui have been childhood friends since kindergarten. Having reached high school, however, the three boys, once shy and calm, suddenly find themselves in the midst of the whirlwind of all the impulses and passions of their early teens. If Yohei finally starts to see Yui as a girl (very attractive too!), she seems to have feelings for Kei… who is anything but aloof. However, Yohei’s heart isn’t the only one to break: both he and Yui are overwhelmed by Kei’s sudden transfer, which has taken place without even a last goodbye to the two childhood friends. At the time of transitioning to high school, the relationship between Yui and Yohei became very distant. However, the two boys end up in class together, and it is here that they meet a girl with long blonde hair. The surprise? This girl is really Kei!

The Elusive Samurai

from Yusei Matsui

5 vol. in progress, € 5.20.
Leaving Octoberbimonthly.

Tokiyuki Houjou is the next successor to the Kamakura shogunate, an eight-year-old boy with no talent except for how to hide. One day, the boy’s carefree life is abruptly turned upside down when Takauji Ashikaga brutally assumes power, ending Kamakura’s reign. Tokiyuki, saved from the onslaught, must escape those who try to kill him by recruiting companions who can help him restore the Kamakura Shogunate to its former glory.

Rough diamond

from No Sasaki

4 vol. in progress, € 5.20.
Leaving Novemberbimonthly.

In a world where stones are of paramount importance, a skilled artisan in mineral processing visiting an underground village meets a boy whose left foot is petrified. The two embark on a journey to save the boy’s family.

A sandwich in Ginza

Single volume, with dust jacket, €19.90.
exit from a October.

A sandwich in Ginza - Taniguchi

A steak in Shitamachi
Single volume, with dust jacket, €19.90.
exit from a December.

A steak in Shimatachi - Taniguchi

Two trials of Yoko Hiramatsu with illustrations of Jiro Taniguchi.


from Tomoki Izumi

6 vol. in progress, with dust jacket, € 7.00.
Leaving Decemberbimonthly.

One day, a girl suddenly starts seeing strange babbling creatures that cannot be seen by anyone else. The girl doesn’t try to escape him, nor does she try to deal with them… instead, she strives to keep up appearances and live as usual.

Berserk Special Memorial Edition

from Kentaro Miura

Special commemorative edition of volume 41, with screen reproduction.
exit from a Decemberat €19.90.

Volume 41 will be released in all its editions.

Devourer of souls Ultimate Deluxe Edition

from Atsushi Ohkubo

17 vol. completed, with dust jacket, €13.00.
Leaving December.

“Soul Eater” revolves around the students of the Shinigami buki Shokunin Senmon (Shibunsen), a professional school for meisters and their buki (demonic weapons that have human form). The school was created by the God of death who also has the role of director; each meister has a partner (in rare cases two) with whom he fights. The school’s ultimate goal is to keep the peace and prevent a new Kishin (a demonic meister who nearly plunged this world into chaos) from arising; in that sense, the school students collect the kishin eggs, which are evil human souls. Absorbed 99 souls plus that of a witch, the buki becomes a powerful weapon that can be used by the Shinigami. Of course, in order for students to cope with this task, meister and buki attend school and supplementary classes. During their apprenticeship, the students will be able, in addition to attending the courses, to face the missions that the Shinigami-sensei orders them to. It’s almost always a matter of facing an enemy and then being able to eat their soul.

  • The new edition of Evangelion will present in each volume an unpublished illustration created by Sadamoto for foreign editions;
  • The first volume with the first three Essentials of Evangelion will arrive in August. Then all the others will arrive, starting with the one dedicated to the first two films, probably in December;
  • next volume of A March for Lions In September. The reprints all arrive;
  • no plan for sketch dance;
  • traces of blood will be reprinted as soon as possible;
  • Other projects with Gazzetta are on the way.

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