Return of Aquarius, Virgo sinks

The sky is full of endless mysteries, but it’s a sight not to be missed! Today’s horoscope has many new features for all zodiac signs, specifically there are some good ones for the lucky and the unlucky. There are two transits at play: Mercury square Saturn and then sextile Neptune!

In short, the protagonist ofHoroscope of the day is right Mercury the planet of thought that is ready to disrupt the plans of the zodiac signs. orbit around square Saturn, and then also comes close Neptune in Sextile. These are two very important transits and for some signs they are very late. Here are the predictions and up-to-date rankings of who will be lucky on their side and who will do well to keep their guard up in view of upcoming events. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of ongoing movements.

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I’Horoscope It’s a great source of information to get to know yourself better and face a spiritual path in the name of growth, but it’s also good to remember that it’s not an absolute source of truth. From it they can be found, but it is always necessary to know how to interpret it and remember that human actions are always at the center of everything.

Mercury is the planet of thought, Saturn that of the rigor of logic, and Neptune of disorder. In short, a beautiful mix of stars, for which one wonders what the effects will be Square and Sextile.

In the first case we must imagine as if the sky were divided into 4 parts of 40° with the planets in question placed at the same distance from a point, the same thing in the second with a different value, however, which is 60°. In addition to placements, what does all this imply?

A unique effect is created that generates that condition in which thought will be animated by reason, then spend Sunday analyzing past problems and issues, but not only. Under the effect of the Star of Dissolution, dreams also come into play.

Thus arises the need to be carried away by dreams, trying to find the means to achieve the most desired. Here’s who they are and how the most fortunate and won’t face the transits.

Horoscope: Ascension to Aquarius and two other signs

There will be a crazy day for this triad: Aquarius, Libra and Taurus! They managed to deal with the last inconveniences that literally bothered them, but the energies came back to get them back on track, in fact they occupy the top positions of the lucky ones. Air, more air and then earth, are its natural elements. Fourth is Aries, who must necessarily know something about you.

Aquarius, Libra, Taurus
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Aquarium is at the top of your energy, because I transits allow him to do his best in the elaboration of important and functional reasoning to achieve his dreams. In fact it will be very creative up front professional, while in love everything precedes silence. Addendum: It’s the right time to get involved, don’t miss the next opportunity.

There Balance is energetic, because despite the movements don’t condition it too much, taste the fruit of your sacrifices. not so much there Work where there is nothing new but in love because there will be great displays of affection and romantic moments. Advice: Dedicated to your partner, or yourself if you’re single, it’s okay to get carried away with passion every now and then.

The Bull is stronger than ever, because I planets they make his thought more elastic, indeed he will not fall into the stillness of thought as usual, but he will travel and go beyond. The Work is positively affected more than any other area, while thelove he will fully experience the effects of that well-being. Addendum: take the opportunity to learn a great lesson, being mentally flexible is no fault!

Dear Virgo, better change direction!

bad sky for Virgin, but she is not alone in the ranking of the most unhappy signs. I’m with her too Leo and Gemini! Three signs of earth, fire and air will channel their energies to the fullest, but despite this the predictions do not say anything good. The same fate for Cancer, who is in fourth place and should pay close attention to news for him.

Gemini, Leo, Virgo
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THE Twins they are exhausted because I movements they don’t help you, and especially in front Work nothing goes as expected. also in love there are turbulences, because the frustration also extends to interpersonal relationships. Addendum: we must not be too critical and self-critical, but find the energy to face everything calmly.

The Lion is definitely in the trash, also because I transits got him into trouble. The decline of optimism is due to a misfortune, but also to the solution of various problems both in love you at work. Addendum: don’t lose your temper because it’s the worst move you can make in conflict resolution.

We concluded the horoscope how Virgin which is the most regrettable because I planets they condition you a little, so the energy is under your feet, but also because some events didn’t go as expected. THE relationships nearest will suffer, and there will be quarrels, while everyone Work it’s all flat. Addendum: if dissatisfaction is great, we should not close ourselves off, but face the problems and move on even with the awareness of suffering.

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