the technique to keep the skin moist

Moisture Sandwich: While many beauty trends on TikTok and Instagram are weird and sometimes even dangerous, this new technique of layering moisturizers on the skin can be really helpful for anyone who loves a fresh, glowing face. Moisture Sandwiching is a successful technique that provides layers of care on damp skin to retain water and prevent transepidermal loss.

“The trend seems to have originated in Korea, where skincare routines start with a moist complexion, right after cleansing. Social media has made the phrase more widespread,” says cosmetologist Ludmila Bonelli, adding that the technique can be interesting for dry skin, devitalized or dehydrated skin.

ordering products

The expert says that the “moisture sandwich” works well on skin where there is a lack of water in the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin). “Applying serum and moisturizer to damp skin allows the ingredients in these formulations (like hyaluronic acid) to retain water on the surface of the skin and keep it hydrated for longer,” says Ludmila. .

She recommends starting with moisturizing products — like hyaluronic acid or glycerin — and ending with more occlusive products, like shea butter and certain oils. “The thermal water can also be applied, before the serum, in a three-step hydration process, to bring certain important minerals to dehydrated skin,” he explains.

three second rule

It’s also important to know that the moisturizing sandwich trend is based on Korea’s three-second rule, which is to apply products just three seconds after cleansing, ensuring skin is still moist and retaining moisture. humidity. “The benefits of the Hydration Sandwich are that moist skin absorbs products more effectively and allows moisturizers to retain additional moisture,” says cosmiatra.

No acne and no irritation

However, depending on the product used at the end of the treatment, attention must be paid to the technique, because, especially in Brazil with the predominance of oily skin, some people may not tolerate a very heavy occlusive balm. Using a lighter emollient as a final step can be effective in these cases to prevent acne breakouts.

Another precaution is to avoid ingredients such as retinols or acids. “The occlusion, in this case, can cause irritation,” warns dermatologist Luciana Garbelini, from São Paulo. But that doesn’t mean an anti-aging version of the trend isn’t possible. “In this case, the ideal is to choose a powerful serum that acts in synergy with the cream, treating the skin in several ways and improving the results”, explains Ludmila.

Damp sandwich is different from slugging

The technique should not be confused with slugging, which consists of applying cream to the face and, over it, a thick layer of petroleum jelly, to generate an occlusion, as a night care for the skin. “Vaseline promotes clogging of the skin and, therefore, pores. The principle of creating layers with the intention of using it to prevent water loss, and therefore improve skin hydration, is something interesting.However, in practice it is a technique that requires careful thought and the use of the right products so as not to interfere with perspiration and cause an increase in oiliness, leading to the appearance acne and blackheads, a situation that Vaseline can cause due to this excessive occlusion,” warns dermatologist Claudia Merlo.

Who can do?

The technique can even work for all skin types, depending on the choice of products. “It’s a great way to optimize and enhance your skincare routine because products layered this way will get the best results and leave your skin looking healthy and hydrated,” concludes Ludmila.


To start

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To finish

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